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Chakana de las Lluvias (Chakana of the Rains)

Chakana de las Lluvias (Chakana of the Rains)

Organic 100% wool rug, all natural plant dyed. All of the locally sourced wool in this rug is handspun, hand dyed and hand woven on a traditional floor loom, a process that takes 120-150 hours for a rug of this size.


The Chakana (Incan Cross) is a powerful symbol showing a constellation seen at dawn in the Andes, and was used during planting and harvesting, througout the seasons of the year.

This chakana weaving represents the time of rain in the Andes, with stormy skies in the middle, and seeds beneath the earth in the border.


This rug measures 3' x 4', a versatile size that also makes a lovely wall hanging.

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