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Pato Chankay (Duck, Chancay Culture)

Pato Chankay (Duck, Chancay Culture)

Organic 100% wool rug, all natural plant dyed. All of the locally sourced wool in this rug is handspun, hand dyed and hand woven on a traditional floor loom, a process that takes 120-150 hours for a rug of this size.


This rug continues in a renowned artistic tradition, the Chancay of Northern Peru.

Chancay was a Pre-Incan culture that developed in the valleys of Chancay and is known for its extraordinary artistic endeavors, in textiles particularly, which have been found to be well preserved due to the extremely dry conditions where they were found.


This rug measures 3' x 4', a versatile size that also makes a lovely wall hanging.

  • Care Instructions

    All of the Woven Tuna weavings are designed to last for a lifetime.  The natural dyes are colorfast and designed to last. To clean, handwash in cold water, using soap, shampoo or laundry detergent and hang dry. Rugs can be vacuumed as well.

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