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Special Chakana of the Four Seasons

Special Chakana of the Four Seasons

Organic 100% wool rug, all natural plant dyed. All of the locally sourced wool in this rug is handspun, hand dyed and hand woven on a traditional floor loom, a process that takes 120-150 hours for a rug of this size.


The Chakana (Incan Cross) is a powerful symbol showing a constellation seen at dawn in the Andes, and was used during planting and harvesting, througout the seasons of the year.


In this fine, original weaving, Wilber combines imagery powerful to Andean culture and sense of place. At the base of the weaving he depicts the fields, with the estrella de la amanecer (morning star), and sucho (Harvest star). There are the Moon and the Sun, the coca leaf that is integral to Andean culture, and grains after the harvest, as well as the falling rain,


At the heart of the weaving is the spirit of the PachaMama (Mother Earth) portrayed as a lake surrounded by the shore and encircled by a serpent. All of this is superimposed on a starry night sky.


This rug measures 3' x 4', a versatile size that also makes a lovely wall hanging.

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