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Wet Paintbrushes

Join an Amazing Journey

Weaving and Hand Dyeing in Ayacucho, Peru & Melbourne, Florida

Natural Plant Dyeing in Huamanga, Ayacucho

Bienvenidos a Nuestro Taller!

Welcome to our humble studio. It is simple, but full of the spirit of the Andes, and full of art where, as weavers, we become inspired to create new designs. The surrounding land is full of plants for dyeing - tuna, muelle, tara. Gather the plants that you will use for your dyeing projects.


Joyful Weaving & Carnaval

Weave, Dance, Fun

Visit Huamanga during the time of Carnaval to learn Traditional Ayacuchan weaving techniques and also visit the region - Wari archaelogy, traditional ceramics village of Quinoa etc.
A truly exciting journey to the heart of Ayacuchan culture.

Traditional Weaving in Melbourne, Florida

Create a tapestry in a tropical oasis

Experience lovely Central Florida in March - bird migrations, ocean waves, and learning to weave on a traditional floor loom. All natural dyed materials provided.

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